Our Money-Back Guarantee

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We know that students are not made of money and treasure each dollar. We also know that you are counting on reliability when you decide to turn to a homework help service that claims to have transparent policies. Therefore, we do our best to make our customers comfortable and relaxed.

Once we receive your order, you automatically get assigned to our terms and conditions and our money-back policies. Our rules of working are obligated for each customer, writer, manager, and member of the DoMyProgramming team. According to our policies, you as a customer have a right to request a reimbursement if you face a situation that leads to an unsatisfying condition and violates your rights as our client. Usually, the process of refund takes several days.

We consider that having a money-back guarantee secures the process of our cooperation and allows you to feel safe while collaborating with our service. At the same time, we do not provide many refunds, as we strive to satisfy each of our customers.